Na-Da Luxury Car Rental this summer!

Our guys from Na-Da Luxury Car Rental were amazingly active this summer.

We started off the summer with the Expressija Award Show about which we wrote earlier this year.

Shortly after the team successfully serviced the celebrities of Expressija, we were greeted by the Saudi Arabian Embassy to be the personal chauffeurs for many influential ambassadors of Saudi Arabia. We were on a 3 day mission in Bosnia with some of our finest vehicles. The car rental was never livelier.

We also have had several other embassies contact us and we were happy to oblige as we enjoy working with some of the most powerful people in the world. We also had the opportunity to meet with Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud as he was one of our first customers who truly embraced everything we have to offer – luxury.

We also don’t just drive celebrities during events – and one of them is now huge fan of our service. The Serbian singer Katarina Grujić had the opportunity to use our VIP Service during this summer and not only did she relax in the most comfortable van of today, but also had the chance to stay at our newly opened Hotel and Resort Paradise in Bugojno!

We have been the personal drivers for sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates, we were the car-rental of choice for Bosnian top football players and we made new friends with many celebrities.

The summer was amazing and we certainly hope that we will have more success in the near future. Until then, stay classy and love luxury.

With love from Na-Da Car Rental

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